Tuksa Muca (1989-1994, Ikskile-Riga)

TUKSA MUCA was the second band in Tornis. Their beginning(1989-91) was some sort of synthy experimental pop, but after moving to Tornis in 1991, they turned to pure guitarmusic. At first they were influenced by English indie of the beginning of 80's: Joy Division, Theatre Of Hate, etc, but later the SY wave came - and the TUKSA MUCA album "Trajektorija: sapni - relejs" is an outstanding and absolutely invaluated achievment in Latvian rock music. The leader of the band was ANDZONS, who has had millions of soloprojects and soloalbums besides TUKSA MUCA and is still having them after TUKSA MUCA. The most important fact in his musical biography is the legendary KARTAGA

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  1. "Smaragda pilseta" (1992 Tornis Rec., cass)
  2. "Soli tumsa" (1992 Tornis rec., cass)
  3. "Trajektorija: sapni - relejs" (1993 Tornis Rec., cass)
  4. "Mikroskops" (1993 Tornis rec., cass)
  5. "Melnbalta TV" (1994 Tornis Rec., cass)
  6. "Compilation #1: 1989-91" (1996 IIMS, cass)
  7. "Compilation #2: 1992-94" (1996 Tornis rec., cass)

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