Kart‚ga (1994-1996, Riga)


The band was founded by the leaders of 2 other bands: ANDZONS from experimental guitarrock band TUKSA MUCA and EDGARS SUBROVSKIS from the glam punk band M.GVARDE. In quite a short period the band proved with their concerts and records that they are the best in Latvian underground and also one of the most powerful bands in the history of Latvian rock music. KARTAGA is really one of those few underground bands, which have gained a lot of fans and the status of a cult band.

KARTAGA ended its existence in 1996 and the two leaders went their own ways - EDGARS SUBROVSKIS is now an acoustic soloartist and ANDZONS continues his experiments on computers now under the name of Latvijas Gaaze (http://re-lab.lv/lg).

The KARTAGA's music is usually referred to as a synthesis of indie guitarrock and European industrial and is definitely the most significant band of the period of 94-96.

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"TIK TALU, TIK PROM" (1994 Tornis Rec., cass)

"ZENS AR AKMENI" (1995 Tornis Rec., cass)

"SIRENU SALA" (1997 Tornis Rec., cass)

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