Dambis leader, singer and vocalist of the band started it in fact in 1985, the name comes from around 1987. They "started recording something in a room, first appearing in public in 1986. The drummer was taken to soviet army and put in jail for 4 years for escaping it and he spent 3.5 years in prison. I imitated 'suicide' in order to get to mental hospital and avoid army thus I had to spent some time in psychiatric clinics and once in army hospital.
In 1987 we made a debut in Riga rock club -- at the time in Latvia it was a band ZIG ZAG playing some post punk. One nice day bassist left us because he lost finger from his right hand. At the same time we went to Vilnius to play
in some punk fest but we didnt know when it happens so we came 3-4 days too early. We know nobody in the town but we met some punx and drank with them. They also knew nothing about the fest and made efforts to leaves, most probably they thought we were hippies and cant play HARDCORE. So after spending 2 days in Vilnius railway station we finished our first Lithuanian tour. In the end of 1987 we made a festival in Riga with all new bands, different styled but at the time it was all UNDERGROUND, it was once again in summer 1988. Our appearence was tragic, I fell down from stage and fell asleep. Somebody woke me up and we performed something. I howled into the mic because I couldnt see the mic hangs on my guitar (I was told about it later). We staged a show then cos one man who was as much gone as me was cutting a chair with a mechanical peel. I wonder how nobody was injured then. Friend told me that he escaped the show because he did not to watch somebody cut into pieces. By the way our bassist brought 50 bottles of homebrew vodka at that show...
We appeared in Lithuania also in fest "Purvinoji Ziema" in Kaunas 88, and fest VILNIUS UNDERGROUND 89 made me a huge impression, it was a big MADNESS, a forced anarchy was in the air. Our drummer from new line-up wanted to escape, probably he was much scared. Our show ended as somebody jumping from stage tore off the cables. When we went home we felt like returning from war.
In 1989 I got a phone call from Moscow, some men intervieved me and invited to OSTANKINO television to record and make a video for a programme 'Devils circle'. Video was quite shitty and it was all about Riga rock club. Howewer the program was not aired and censored. Later I read in a newspaper that it was propaganda of nazism and pornography in it...
During 1990 we still apeared in Riga rock club but later it was all broken for some time" Up to now IM has no stable line up and Dambis plays with occasional fans of jazz\hendrix and develops his band AMORALA PSIHOZE.
"My band is not influanced by anybody, I have no favourite and listen to different kinds of music. I play what I like and never dig making covers. Lyrics are different - about social problems, political, philosophical, humorous, sometimes schizophrenic. I express my world wiews and the current day in them..."
Dambis still continues being active with band,gigs, tapes,etc...
(from lithuanian fanzine "KNK" Nr2, 1993)

Grupa dibināta 1985. gadā, sākotnējais nosaukums „Aklā zarna”, 1987. gadā pārtop par „Inokentijs Mārpls”.
Laika gaitā grupā spēlējuši ļoti daudz un dažādi mūziķi:
Kaspars Bindemanis, Skrips, Kaspars Putriņš, Renarts Braufmanis, Šaks, Artis Ozols, Nils Īle, Māris Šverns, Didzis Erra, Uģis Vītiņš, Ivars Talcis, Mārtiņš Lablaiks, Indriķis Veitners, u.c.

Grupa koncertējusi ļoti daudzos festivālos un koncertos. Spēlējusi arī ārpus Latvijas: Lietuvā, Igaunijā, Holandē, Ungārijā, Krievijā.

Grupas mūsdienu skānējums ir punk, rock`n roll + reggae, new wave, rock, hardcore, jazz u.c.

Sastāvs (2009.gads):
Dambis - Ģitāra, vokāls
Ivo Stankēvičs (Skrips) - bass
Ēriks Lizbovskis - bungas
+ epizodiski
Didzis Erra – Perkusijas


Dambja izlase 1987-1990, 1991 official bootleg (magnetic tape, IM/HUBB)

Hubb, 1992 official bootleg (magnetic tape, IM/HUBB)

Spēks no tētiem, 2000 ( LP, CD-r, CASS, IM / HUBB (LP- Strongly Oppose rec.))
Most legendary Latvian underground band. Hard core pioneers in the USSR. First and only studio album released on vinyl just yet (2003) and just few left.
Grupas debijas albūms 13 gadus pēc sākuma.

Bitīt matos, 2002 (Ezis Sper Soli), 7"
Stricly limited to the 400 six new songs by legendary hard core veterans. Available just on vinyl.
2002.g. sākumā INOKENTIJS MĀRPLS ierakstītās sešas ekskluzīvās un līdz šim neieskaņotās dziesmas (vairākas no tām jau kļuvušas par hitiem, piem., "Māte-terorists") izdotas solītajā 7" (seveninčs jeb septiņcolnieks) mazajā vinila platē. Tirāža ir niecīga, 400 eks.. Diemžēl, visi eksemplāri ir izpārdoti.

Ķeras pie sirds, 2007 (CD, Gauja Records)

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Kr. Barona 95a - 5
tālr. / ph. (+371) 7845199