Smogs (1993-95)

ANDRIS GRANDBERGS' (also in bands NACIJAS URINS, ULDIS DUMPIS, ISMS, MUTANTS BENDE) best band. SMOGS was one of those really few bands, who started to play real and good hard core in Latvia. Unfortunately the band doesn't have any good records(the best 2 songs are in "Peasants With Pitchforks(Baltic punk/hc compilation)" LP), but we (eyewitnesses) do remember some unbelievable powerful live performances. After SMOGS broke up, ANDRIS GRANDBERGS has worked only as a soloartist under the name of ISMS.

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"PLASTMASA" (1995 Tornis)

Benzins un sperma (3.00MB) - from "PLASTMASA" (1995 Tornis)
Virziba pret mani (3.56MB) - from compil. "Eau de Cologne" 1994

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