JOHN is drummer. MARC is bass player. LUKE is singer and guitarist.

All of them live in different English cities and they all have different day jobs. The band started near 6 years ago a while after John's first band split up (it was youngsters guitarband THE REPLICAS, 1989-1991).

RSDOP like especially to play at unusual venues, for example one time playing in a chip shop (UK fast food cafe) in Norfolk. They practice rarely because of the long distance between them, so first demo cassette was out just in summer 1997. The name for it is "Norfolk Speed" and this it's a fine collection of 4-track recordings made during the bands first years of existence. Also RSDOP appear on a compilation record and split 7" with Norwich UK band MAGOO on Noise Box label.

In 1997 summer RSDOP joined BOWLING BOY (Newcastle, UK) for their Eastern Europe tour - Latvia/Lithuania/Belarus. 1998 September is the date for another split 7" this time with Latvian band SIRKE, on TEN PIN PRODUCTIONS, but October - Western-Europe Tour (with SIRKE, BOWLING BOY and SARKANAIS OKTOBRIS).

Valmiera, Latvia, August 1998